Feeling Lonely and Being Addicted

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Social support is the need of every individual. Unfortunately, being socially isolated may want an individual to try out things that may be harmful to them. Things may turn out worse when struggling with various forms of addiction. So what are the reasons that suboxone treatment centers focus on that may lead to opioid use disorder?

As you stick with us, we’ll provide detailed insight into things that may fuel drug abuse.

Brief History Behind Substance Abuse

The attempt to treat and de-stigmatization of addiction is a very recent occurrence, beginning in the 1930s. People addicted to drugs were considered unethical and immoral. Treatment resembled punishment such as shock therapy, electroconvulsive therapy, and lobotomies.

However, as of now, addiction is considered a medical disorder that impacts brain functioning and chemistry. Drug addiction starts as a voluntary use, slowly people lose control of the use somewhere down the line.

In worst cases, it ceases to be a matter of willpower affecting mental, physical, and emotional issues. Also, you may want to listen to our podcast at https://podcasts.adorilabs.com/recovery-connection/?cid=RqCGuNUs9hnA6UVQ

Excessive Idle Time

People turn to addiction as a result of being bored and having too much time. Drug abuse restructures the wiring of the brain, allowing more gratification from opioids. Therefore, the person using opioid is forced to do drugs as the first line of defense.

In most cases, some hours keep people from abusing drugs. However, with work, school, and social activity halted, individuals under the wrath of addiction face more cravings with little option to combat the issue.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety have a cyclical relationship. Isolation enhances both conditions. Moreover, both the condition make it person more likely to estrange themselves from friends and family. These are characterized by mental health conditions often foundational to the development of addiction.

While people may start the process of self-medication, doing so only makes the symptoms worse.

Lack of accountability

For a successful recovery from any disease, social support is essential. When you visit a support group or speak to your drug addiction treatment centers about the interactions, you get reminded about accountability. Slowly this may vanish if you are alone for an extended period. Also, if none is around to see or notice, you may fall back.

Getting the right help

Being isolated makes it hard to seek treatment. Being decisive to enter suboxone clinics often involves having face-to-face conversations that make you realize you need help. If you arent getting the right support, you can always seek experts assistance. Here’s what we recommend, go over the internet and search “suboxone doctors near meor ” drug addiction treatment centers near me.”

Treatment For Drug Addiction and Loneliness

With a lack of right support, loneliness leads to addiction. If the addiction sets in, it might be hard to come out of it alone. Also, those who eventually become sober, leading a healthy life, may fall back due to loneliness.

The only way to come out of this cycle is to seek help from a proper treatment center. For treatment Google “suboxone treatment near me” and book an appointment. 

Maintaining Recovery During Isolation

If you ate undergoing recovery, be very careful of not losing your hard-earned progress during the isolation. Suboxone doctors recommend a few techniques to uncloud your mind for perfect mental wellbeing.

Talk to Others

The best way to keep your mind motivated is to become extra intentional about maintaining relationships. Calling friends and family members is a good way to maintain a routine and keep some accountability in your life. A quick regular check-in type of calls can provide relentless benefits.

New Strategies

During isolation, the strategies that you’ve learned may not work. However, humans can adapt quickly; therefore, developing a new strategy won’t be a big deal. While you may not be able to grab a coffee with your sponsor at your normal time of the week, you may want to find a healthy outlet to replace that activity.

At times, you may feel uncomfortable applying new strategies while under the risk of relapse; however, staying flexible and adapting to the current circumstances is a critical part of maintaining your recovery.

Facts: Nearly 75% of Americans are lonely. In the last four decades, this has tripled.

COVID-19 Risks Recovery

The novel coronavirus has upended the lives of people struggling with addiction. Self-imposed isolation comes with negative impacts; living under the uncertainty of lockdown is even worse, cutting all the sources of addiction treatment services. Many facilities are now adapting to new circumstances through the use of tools such as telehealth.

The recent update from the American Association for the Treatment of Opioid Dependence has issued guidelines on allowing treatment in a controlled manner. This involves offering methadone or buprenorphine supply for 14 to 28 days so that patient can reduce the number of trips necessary. For quick help, search online “suboxone clinics near me” and kickstart the recovery process.

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